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The horse arena harrow is intended for levelling and loosening horse arena riding surfaces. The harrow has two spring loaded tine rows which will loosen the surface, a leveller that will make the surface completely even and a tilling roller that will compact the ground, leaving a great looking finish to the surface. The harrow will not disturb the lower levels (understructure) of the riding surface.
The horse arena harrow features:
- A clearing shovel which will level the sides of the riding arena.
- A tilling roller that will smoothen the harrowed ground leaving a great looking finish.
- A large wheel that protects the walls of riding arena in case the harrow hits the wall.
- Hydraulically operated support wheels for towing the harrow outside riding arena.
NOTE! Loader must be equipped with single acting rear hydraulics.
nr produktu A21302
szerokość robocza 1350 mm
waga 240 kg
+ rozwiń


Wyświetleń: 830
Dodano: 06 Grudzień 2011

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